The History of Air India Airlines: From Humble Beginnings to Global Presence

J.R.D Tata, founder of Air India Airlines, is an aviator as well as an entrepreneur. Air India’s parent company is Air India Ltd. (Tata Group). Talking about India’s leading airline, Air India flies from Karachi to Chennai. In fact, this serves domestic and international destinations.

Brief History

As a matter of fact, very few people know that J.R.D. Tata himself flew the first single engine from Karachi to Chennai. That is why this name came after World War II while it was a Public Company. Moreover, its main hub is at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi and its secondary hub is at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai.

Destinations of Air India

As for its destinations, by 2019, Air India flies to a total of 102 domestic destinations and 45 international destinations. In addition, it flies to 37 countries across five continents around the world. Air India operates some of the world’s largest non-stop flights, traveling around the globe.

Fleet of Air India

Air India Airlines uses Airbus and Boeing aircraft to fly to various destinations across the globe. Moreover, aircraft fulfill the comfort requirements of passengers over long journeys. Additionally, the aircraft that carries the President, Vice- President and Prime Minister of India is Air India. In addition, Tata Group is going to restore the Air India planes and renovate them.

Air India Flights

If we talk about Air India Flights in February 2024, Air India is right now serving 128 narrowbody as well as widebody aircraft. Likewise, its fleet uses Airbus A319, A320, A320neo, A321, A321neo along with the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787. Correspondingly, if we talk about the cheapest Air India Flight, it is none other than Alliance Air.

Air India Reviews

In terms of Air India Airlines reviews, frequent travelers give it a below average rating of about 6.9/10. Moreover, over the last 12 months, the rating has trended downward. Additionally, Indigo has recently ranked first with the most domestic flights. Similarly, its cost-effective carrier makes it the largest fleet of any airline of India.

Investment of 1 Lakh Crore for Airports

Over the next few years, airports will receive a massive investment of Rs 1 lakh crore. In fact, this large investment will be used to build new airports as well as expand existing ones. This rebuilding is a continuous process and is undertaken by AAI, i.e., the Airports Authority of India. Out of this 1 Lakh Crore investment for Airports, capital expenditure of Rs 25000 crore is to be borne by AAI and the remaining by the private sector.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Air India Airlines offers popular Air India Flights and takes into consideration the comfort of its passengers on long journeys. Besides that, we at AirlineReviews provide detailed and accurate airline reviews as well as airline news. Moreover, our website provides useful information so that one can choose wisely, which makes the trip more luxurious.