Air India Group’s Hajj Pilgrimage Flights: An Exemplary Model of Religious Tourism

The quota of Indian Hajj pilgrims has been increased by Saudi Arabia. It is approximately 175,000 this year, nearly twice as many as last year. The flag carrier of India – Air India, and associates will be flying the Hajj pilgrims to the religious pilgrimage site.

The two airlines, namely Air India and Air India Express, will operate flights from four Indian cities only. The first flight will fly on May 21st by Air India, and the next will be on May 22nd by Air India Express.

Flights of Air India from Jaipur and Chennai

The flights are divided into phases, and during the first phase, Air India will operate on May 21st and 22nd on 46 flights scheduled by airline officials. During the second phase, the passengers will return from Medina and Jeddah on 43 flights from July 3rd to August 2nd. In this case, passengers from Chennai and Jaipur will be covered.

Furthermore, Air India has allocated its Boeing 787 for this fleet. The news was announced by the CEO and MD of Air India in a press release. He commented-
“We are feeling happy to announce the special flights for the sacred Haj pilgrimage from the cities of Chennai and Jaipur.”

Air India Express will cover Kozhikode and Kannur

In the first phase, 44 flights will carry around 6.363 passengers from Kozhikode to Jeddah, and 13 flights from Kannur to Jeddah will carry 1,873 passengers. During the second phase, which will start on July 13 and end on August 2, passengers will return to their respective cities.

All these flights have low-fares due to the religious sentiments attached. This is a kind of ritual and a way to exchange cultures between both countries. It is an annual thing, this time with an increased number of pilgrims. Subscribe to for additional information on these updates and news pertaining to the aviation industry.