Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is the national carrier of New Zealand. Besides that, it is best known for its excellent service, innovative approach, and dedication to providing a truly unique flying experience. In fact, it is one of the world’s leading airlines. Furthermore, it has a rich history and vibrant culture that set it apart from other airlines. Notably, Air NZ showcases its remarkable achievements, milestones, and contributions to the aviation industry. As a result, since its humble beginnings as a flying boat service in 1940, the airline has come a long way.

Air New Zealand

Seats and Amenities

Business Premier is a tried and true experience that offers one of the most comfortable ways to sleep in the air. Moreover, the Economy Skycouch seating option allows passengers to convert a seat into a flat surface for greater comfort on long-haul flights. Likewise, you won’t end up sharing your Skycouch with a stranger. So, whether you book a Skycouch for one, two, or three people, you get the entire row to yourself.

Customer Service

The airline follows strict safety protocols and invests continuously in advanced safety and training to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Air NZ meets the needs of a wide range of passengers, from Business Class Premier to the comfortable premium Economy and Economy Class. In addition, the airline offers services like online check-in, mobile apps, and a self-service counter to rationalize the travel process for passengers.


New Zealand is famous for its good food and wine so Air New Zealand considers itself an ambassador in this regard. During every Air New Zealand-operated flight, complimentary tea, coffee, and water are available. Relaxing over a great meal is one of life’s great pleasures so the airline designed their fresh and innovative menus to reflect New Zealand. They, however, offer a variety of pre-order special meals to cater to a wide range of dietary and cultural preferences. Lastly, if someone can’t find a suitable meal from the offered options, they can bring their own food.

In-flight Entertainment

With the blockbuster film, music multiplayer, snacks, and many more, all for passenger’s comfort, enjoy hours of entertainment. Moreover, passengers can also demand their entertainment system the moment they take their seats with gate-to-gate entertainment. Passengers, when flying with Air New Zealand, will have a personal on-demand screen in each seat back. Furthermore, a range of entertainment includes Hollywood blockbusters, arthouse films, and comedies, as well as a full selection of TV series, documentaries, and quick-view options.


Consequently, Air New Zealand is more than an airline. Not to mention, they have established themselves as a leader in the industry with a rich history and commitment to excellence. All in all, Air New Zealand continues to redefine itself, from its impressive safety record to its focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Air New Zealand will go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and a memorable journey. For more informative content on airline reviews and other latest aviation news and blogs, turn to AirlineReviews.


1. How long has Air New Zealand been in operation?

Air New Zealand began operations in 1970 as Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL).

2- What Destinations does Air NZ fly to?

Air New Zealand serves over 60 destinations worldwide, including popular cities in Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia, North America, and Europe.

3- What is Air New Zealand’s safety record?

Air New Zealand is consistently ranked among the world’s safest airlines because it has strong safety records.

4- Does Air NZ have a frequent flyer program?

Air New Zealand indeed has a frequent flyer program called Airpoint. Moreover, members can earn and redeem points for flights, upgrades, and other rewards.

5- What Amenities are available in the Air New Zealand premium cabin?

Various amenities are available in the premium cabin, such as lie-flat beds, tempting meals, premium beverages, and priority check-in and boarding.