Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport is Cairo’s primary international airport and Egypt’s largest and busiest. It is in Heliopolis, northeast of Cairo, about fifteen kilometers (eight nautical miles) from the city’s business district. After all, it is Africa’s second busiest airport, offering a seamless travel experience to both domestic and international passengers. So, read on to know more about this airport in detail.

Airport Terminal in Cairo International Airport

Well, the airport was originally opened in 1945 and has three terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. Terminal 1 is the smallest and oldest terminal, and it serves domestic and some regional flights. On the other hand, terminal 2 is the primary terminal for international flights. Conversely, terminal 3 is the newest terminal, and it serves VIP and charter flights.

Cairo International Airport serves over 100 airlines and handles over 10 million passengers per year. Besides that, the airport acts as a major hub for Egypt air and Nile Air. In fact, due to its location on the primary air route connecting Europe and Asia. Additionally, it is a well-liked stop for travelers in transit.

Facilities and Services

The airport, which is up-to-date and effective, provides a range of facilities and services to its tourists, including:

● Duties-free stores
● Restaurants and coffee shops
● Give an option of currency exchange
● ATMs
● Baggage storage
● 24/7 Wi-Fi access
● Medical Services
● Information for tourists

There are numerous ways to get from the airport to Cairo and good connections there as well, including:

● Taxis
● Buses
● Trains
● Uber and Lyft

Hence, if you are planning a trip to Cairo, Cairo Airport is a good place to arrive or depart. Not only that, the airport is well-equipped and provides its passengers with a variety of facilities and services.

Best Advice for a Stress-Free Trip to This Airport

Here are some pointers to make your trip through Cairo International Airport go as smoothly as possible.

● Arrive early at the airport, particularly during peak season.
● Before you leave for the airport, double-check the status of your flight.
● Become familiar with your airline’s baggage policies.
● Consider using a luggage service if you have a lot of luggage.
● Utilize the complimentary Wi-Fi to stay in touch while you wait for your flight.
● If you are traveling with kids, be sure to bring along some of their favorite snacks and toys.

Airport Contact Details

You can reach the Cairo Airport Call Center customer service hotline at 0226966300. This can help to inquire about flight schedules, luggage, and lost and found items.


Cairo International Airport is a great place to begin your trip to Egypt because it serves as a portal to the ancient world. This Airport will make your trip memorable with its modern facilities, rich history, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Also, the airport will provide you world-class for your international flights. Hence, take it easy and relish your trip to Cairo! For more Airport and Airline Reviews as well as news related to the aviation sector, stay in touch with