China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. is an airline subsidiary of China Southern Air Holding Company. This airline based in Guangzhou, features a company logo with a brilliant red kapok gently admiring a blue vertical tail fin. In fact, it boasts the most extensive route network. Besides that, it offers the highest passenger capacity of all airlines in the People’s Republic of China.

However, this Airline operates over 850 passenger and cargo transport aircraft. This includes the Boeing B787, B777, and B737, as well as Airbus A330, A319, and Arj 21. As a result, the airline fleet is the largest in Asia.

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This Airline was originally formed in 1988 through the consolidation of several smaller airlines. Furthermore, the airline quickly expanded to become China’s largest. Not to mention, the Airlines joined the SkyTeam alliance in 2007.

Key Statistics of Airlines

● Fleet size: 900 aircraft (including cargo)
● Destinations: 224 destinations in 40 countries and regions
● Passenger traffic: 193 million passengers (2022)
● Cargo traffic: 12.9 million metric tons (2022)
● Revenue: $50.6 billion (2022)
● Profit: $1.9 billion (2022)

Constructed International Hub with Canton Route

China Southern Airlines has made continuous efforts to establish itself as a world-class airline with Chinese attributes. Moreover, it has formed an extensive network across China, connecting Europe and Oceania. After all, the airline’s routes also extend throughout North America, the Middle East, and Africa from its base in Asia.

This Airlines operates over 3,000 daily flights to 224 destinations in 40 countries and regions worldwide. Over the years, the airline has focused on developing the Canton route to transform Guangzhou into an international air hub. Today, Guangzhou stands as the primary gateway from China to Mainland Australia and Southeast Asia.

Four-Star Airline

Skytrax, the world’s most reputable airline performance evaluation organization, awarded Southern China Airlines four stars.

China Southern Airlines matures into a globally recognized Airline

The new planes ordered earlier in the century continued to arrive at China Southern. With plenty of available capacity and the deep pockets of its ultimate owner, the airline expanded significantly in a number of international markets. After all, this resulted in the provision of far more seats and flights than many other routes justified. We hope that this information will help increase your knowledge about China Southern Airlines.

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