How to travel with pets in flight

If you are a pet parent who loves to travel, you have doubtless experienced the tricky situation of leaving your beloved furry friend at home. Meanwhile, if you manage to keep them behind, your holiday may become tense, and you’ll spend it eagerly anticipating a return home and reunification! However, you may not have to choose between leaving your dog or cat at home and canceling your trip. Moreover, now there are more and more options for travel with pets in flight. In this way, you no longer have to see your dog’s sad eyes looking longingly at you when you say goodbye. Although you get excited about planning a pet-friendly vacation, remember that it requires serious preparation.

Complete Guidance on How to Travel with Pets in Flight

Here are some tips and tricks for traveling with a pet, as well as a Pet travel guide.

Talk to Your Vet- Check with your vet before your trip to ensure your pet is healthy and can travel, and inquire about any necessary medications.

Get a Great Insurance Plan- Pet insurance is beneficial for travel as it covers accident and healthcare costs for your furry companion, especially during trips with your BFF.

Take a Copy of Your Pet’s Vaccination Certificate- Ask your vet to provide a copy of the vaccination certificate and another medical record that might needed on the trip while travel with pets in flight.

Check If You Need To Get a Pet Passport- It is not to mention that you might need to get your dog’s passport just like yours for international trips.

Keep Your Pet’s favorite Blanket and Toys- Traveling to a new place might be a bit anxious, so to make your pets feel comfortable, take their accessories, like doggy blankets and cat toys.

Have Enough Pet Food- If you’re traveling with pets, pack extra food for the journey and stay if you’re unsure about finding the right food at your destination.

Pack Any Necessary Medications and Prescriptions- Include any medicines in your pet’s travel bag if they take them regularly.

Travel With Pets In Different Airlines

Bring your cherished pet to travel with you and let’s have a look at different airline’s different specifications for travel.

1. When you travel with pets in flight, it requires careful consideration. This is especially true for breeds of dogs and cats like Bulldogs, Boxers, Shih Tzus, or Himalayan and Persian cats. These animals are more likely to face stress, breathing difficulties, or even a heat stroke.

2. Your furry buddy will need a solidly built and ventilated carrier, also called a travel cage, that is big enough for them to stand, turn around, and lie down. It should be of a non-chewable material. Moreover, it should also have cozy bedding, food and water.

3. The major airlines in India that allow taking pets while traveling are Air India, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, and Vistara. Besides that, Indigo allows only service animals for travelers with disabilities.

4. In most airlines, your pets will travel in the cargo hold in their carriers, so don’t worry while it’s fully pressurized and temperature controlled. Additionally, Air India does allow a limited number of pets in the cabin, so you need to check ahead of time. To ensure a seamless journey for your pets, it’s advisable to check the specific pet travel policies of the airline you choose. This pet travel guide aims to provide insights into the conditions and possibilities for your cherished companions during air travel.

5. Humans may not have a minimum age to travel on flights, but dogs and cats do! In this case, at least an eight-month furry friend may be able to fly. Along with this, pregnant pets are not allowed to travel on flights.


Pets have a significant place in our lives. People who own them know they are more like family members than pets. Meanwhile, traveling with your pets could be tricky for even an experienced pet parent. Having a furry BFF as a travel companion is both exciting and terrifying, whether it is for a vacation or a job that requires you to relocate. The process needs a lot of preparation, and consideration might make it possible to travel with your pet. In fact, successful travel with pets in flight requires attention to detail, from airline policies to pet-friendly accommodations. Visit AirlineReviews and browse their airline and aviation-related content for valuable insights and information on pet-friendly travel.