Complete Guide To What Food To take On The Plane

Figuring out how to pack mementos can be difficult, especially if you are bringing anything edible. While the TSA enforces strict liquid rules, you may find it surprising how much you can carry in your carry-on. Well, this includes hard cheese, frozen seafood, and even fresh eggs. Confused?

We have broken down the rules and regulations for food to take on the plane to save you from having to wiggle out your purchase at the airport. However, keep in mind that the organization has a useful list of foods you can and cannot fly on its website. In practice, it’s often a TSA agent in your security line who makes the call about a specific item.

Check out What Food To take On The Plane

Take It With You

The following foods are all TSA approved, so you should have no issue taking them in your carry ons. Just record that some items, like baby formula, are the best food to bring on airplane, to avoid extra screening. To point out, label any food items that may be difficult to detect, such as protein powder or spices.

Protein and Energy Powder

Even though one needs to mix these with liquids to consume them, they still classify as dry products, much like spices. Therefore, apply the same rules here; just ensure that you label, pack, and seal everything properly.

Juice and Baby Formula

There are special guidelines for parents traveling with baby formula and juices in their carryon bags. Therefore, these items are fine in checked luggage, but if you want to bring them on the plane with you, you will need a special screening.

Vacuum Sealed Meat and Hard Cheese

Since both of these items are non-liquid, they are perfectly fine food to take on the plane. However, to be safe, ensure that they are in vacuum sealed containers. Therefore, shops all over the world have pre-sealed products or equipment to seal them for you. In accordance with my recipes, you can carry creamy cheese products if they have less than 3.4 shreds.


Yes, you are welcome to take that baguette home. However, ask the bakery for some packaging to avoid crumbs in your bag, but bread of any kind is safe to fly in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves

Because coffee beans, loose tea leaves, and dry tea sachets are all classified as goods, the same rules apply.


When you dry spices, they are normally good to go. However, make sure they are clearly labeled and unopened, so they are not mistaken for other substances. Pro tip – only buy spices you can’t find at home if you are looking for a good relic for a foodie. Therefore, these are the best food to pack for airplane.

Dried Goods

This includes pasta, dry beans, grains, and other non-liquid pantry staples. However, this can be your carry -on checked bag.

Packaged Snacks

Good news for travelers who want to bring home unique snacks from around the world: In fact, as long as you pack everything, you’re good to go. Not to mention, the airline allows you to bring unopened snacks like granola bars, nuts, chips, crackers, and cookies on the plane. Additionally, they are safe in your checked bag and that is why it is comes under best food to take on the plane

Chocolates and Candies

Confectionery candies and chocolates are the perfect food to take on the plane. However, keep everything neat and packaged, and feel free to pack the sweets in your carry on or checked bag.

Cooked Food

Tell your family that you are happy to take home an extra Thanksgiving dinner, but leave the gravy in your checked bag. In addition, food of any type, as long as there are no liquids, are safe to fly in both carry-on and checked bags.

Dried Fruit

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be really tricky, but in their dried form, they are officially okay. However, the same rules for dried goods and packaged snacks can be easily applied here.

Fresh Eggs

Yes, you heard right. Even fresh eggs are okay in both carry on and checked bags, oddly enough. However, they are technically liquid on the inside, they are still solid food by TSA standards. Hence, it can be a little risky to take them, though for clear reasons.


Because TSA is Pizza friendly, you can bring an extra-large pepperoni pie with you. However, it may be a little messy to pack as a relic, but this is good news for people who want to grab a quick bite before going through security.

Pies and Cakes

Pies and cakes are also permitted for take-out, allowing vacationers to exhale a sigh of relief. However, it’s unclear how TSA feels about fruit filling. But according to its website, these items are totally fine in both carry-on and checked bags.

Pack it Ship it or Leave it

If you want to bring alcohol, canned food, or oil and vinegar. You may have no choice but to pack it in your checked bag. However, there are some items that are never allowed to fly, like high proof alcohol


In conclusion, selecting the right food to take on the plane is crucial for a comfortable journey. Thus, choose options that are simple to consume, messy, and odorless. Moreover, staying hydrated is vital, so pack water or purchase it after security. Similarly, keep dietary restrictions in mind and be considerate of other passengers. You can still enjoy a satisfying and healthy in-flight meal while avoiding overly pungent or gas-inducing foods. After all, planning your plane snacks wisely ensures that you and those around you have a pleasant travel experience.

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