Eastern Airlines Planning To Start a New Route From New York City To Wuhan

Eastern Airlines debuted in 2019 and has steadily expanded its network. Besides that, the airline has established ten international routes, with plans to expand further. In fact, Eastern Airlines New Route From New York City To Wuhan, China. Eastern had requested permission to fly from New York to Shanghai in late 2022, but approval took many months. Meanwhile, the airline has changed its mind and now wishes to fly to Wuhan.

Only US Airline Serves Wuhan – Eastern Airlines New Route From New York City To Wuhan

As an independently run brand that covers airline routes, Eastern recently applied for permission from the Department of Transportation (DOT) to offer service between John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (WUH).

Not to mention, no airlines currently fly directly from JFK to WUH. Well, if approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT), commercial service will begin in 2024.

Which Plane?

It is unclear which plane Eastern Airlines intends to use on the route. It does, in fact, have three operational aircraft. Apart from that, nine birds are dormant. It also allegedly owns 14 aircraft owned by Eastern-affiliated companies. Additionally, these affiliations may include subsidiaries, parent companies, or companies controlled by the same group of shareholders.

Reliable Air transportation

Eastern believes it has “established a reputation for on-time, dependable air transportation and excellent service both on and off the ground.” Further, we can provide an air transportation solution specifically tailored to meet your specific needs. If you would like to know more about Eastern Airlines, you may to AirlineReviews.

Bottom Line

As previously stated, Eastern has filed to establish a new airline between New York and Wuhan. Furthermore, the airline intends to launch the flight in early 2024, with a stopover in Anchorage. Finally, this would be the carrier’s second route, joining the existing monthly flight between Miami and Santo Domingo.

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