Indigo will start new domestic flights between Multiple cities

Indigo’s gradual evolution is well underway, with the carrier adding several new domestic routes. Besides that, they will add new domestic destinations to their network. However, indigo’s supremacy over the Indian market is a consequence of its huge expansion. Therefore, as per the latest announcement, Indigo will start new domestic flights.

Direct connection between Indore, Surat, Rajkot and Udaipur

Indigo, India’s largest airline, has announced new routes between multiple cities beginning next month. As per recent reports, Indigo Airlines will begin flights between Indore and Rajkot, Indore and Surat, and Rajkot and Udaipur on August 21, 2023. Other routes between Udaipur and Surat connect three national states: Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

79th domestic destination added

Indigo has announced its 79th domestic and 109th global destination in the 6E network, i.e., Shivamogga and Bengaluru in Karnataka. Moreover, Indigo will start new domestic flights between Shivamogga and Bengaluru on August 31st.

Therefore, this will be Indigo’s sixth destination in Karnataka, after Bengaluru, Mysore, Hubli and Belgavi. Furthermore, the airline confirms that connecting Shiva Mogga will benefit the entire state. After all, this will connect domestic and international destinations via Bengaluru.

Not to mention, Indigo has started taking bookings for the flight. The original plan was to start this service on Aug 11, 2023. However, it was eventually moved to August 31st. The service delay at the recently built airport in Shivamogga is due to a few technical issues.

Hence, Karnataka infrastructure minister MB Patil said, for the three months’ flights will operate only during the daytime. The night landing facility’s construction is moving along quickly.

Rapid expansion

Indigo has declared several routes, according to reposts. Recently, both domestically and internationally have advanced quickly. However, a large number of its domestic routes are now exclusive for the airlines. For instance, Indigo will start new domestic flights on the Lucknow-Varanasi routes on August 10.


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