Kenya Airlines

Kenya Airlines began in 1977 as a newcomer in the aviation industry. by the time the airline has developed drastically. The airline owns 40 aircraft and 14 are still in service. This Nairobi-based airline comes in fourth place among the top ten sub-Saharan operators in terms of seat capacity.

The airline shares code agreements with more than 14 airways thus increasing its number of destinations and options for its customers. Additionally, the airline is looking to expand its operations by increasing destinations in the coming years. Flying with Kenya Airways brings a world of privileges to airline passengers.

Kenya Air Carrier Cabin Classes

Economy Class

Kenya airways offers a very comfortable way of travel through its economy class, with a huge fleet of modern aircraft. Passengers can comfortably enjoy their journey with big legroom and private space. The passengers of economy class enjoy a seat pitch of 32 inches as well as benefit from personal video screens, inflight entertainment system.
And passengers also receive airlines inflight magazine (MSAFIR) which contains a wide range of content including business articles, destination details and travel information.

Business Class

You can enjoy Kenya’s world premiere entrainment on business class with many new movies, games as well as music, and the comfort of lying in cushioned flat beds in complete privacy and connected power outlets for your laptop. In business class meals are prepared very carefully with a five-star quality, and multiple drinks specially prepared by the cabin crew.
A beautiful ambience with neat and clean washrooms is also one of the main reasons for flying in business class.

In flight

In-flight entertainment in Kenya airlines depends on the craft and class selected by the passengers, the Embraer features personal touch at your screen, soothing music which is played on board. In seat power points for laptops so that passengers can keep working throughout the journey. The airline magazine is given to each and every passenger irrespective of the class. The airline provides many offers and services to the passengers for their enjoyment while flying.

Kenya Airlines Routes

Kenya airlines operates flight 58 destinations, including Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle east.
You can travel anywhere with Kenya airlines their wide network and destination you can travel all romantic destinations such as Seychelles, Lusaka, Zanzibar, even Netherlands and Thailand.
You can also take advantage of code share agreements and enjoy connecting services to multiple destinations. While traveling with Kenya airways you can travel in comfort and style.


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