Guide to Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport

Traveling always leads to happiness, and it increases the most if we are traveling with our loved ones or with family. So, if you are planning to travel with your friends or family, then your enjoyment level will automatically increase. Therefore, in this article, you will get to know about all the benefits and services of Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport.

However, it is the ninth-busiest airport in the U.S., transporting over 51 million passengers in 2019. LAS is the gateway to the popular Las Vegas Strip, Grand Canyon, and Death Valley. Additionally, it is near a whole host of other national parks.

We at AirlineReviews are here to assist you and are going to discuss some of this airline’s benefits and services that you will get if you travel with them. So, here are the facilities that you will get while traveling:

Facilities at the Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport

Harry Reid Airport has a variety of amenities, including places to eat, shops, services for the disabled, and transportation. In fact, these are all located within the two main terminal buildings. So, the following is a list of some of the amenities that the airline offers.

Shopping Mall

There are several duty-free shops and a wide selection of tax-free goods available in terminal 2 of the Las Vegas airport. Therefore, this gives travelers an opportunity to shop within the airport while they are waiting for their flight.


There are several hotel shuttles that offer free transportation to and from the airport. They’re situated just outside the airport baggage claim. Furthermore, the Harry Reid International Airport Las Vegas shuttle service provides a less expensive way for their valued passengers to travel to and from the airport. In other words, these vans are a less expensive alternative to taxis. However, the airport uses large passenger buses to provide pick up services from hotels, offices, and even your home to the airport. Those who use this method of transportation split the cost.

Moreover, Las Vegas International Airport opened a rent-a-car center to make the car rental process for passengers traveling through the airport efficient. In other words, it doesn’t matter which car rental agency you go with because there are specific shuttles that take all passengers to their rental cars.


This Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport has a number of restaurants available for their passengers. Here are a number of such amazing restaurants, snack bars, and fast food outlets. Besides that, there are some coffee shops available at the center of the airport’s main terminal building. Hence, this guarantees that the travelers can purchase any food of their choosing.

However, some of the airlines in the airport include a 24 hour fitness center that is complete with a steam room and dry sauna. Moreover, massage services are also available for passengers who want to relax between flights, and passengers can choose between table or chair massage. Along with that, a number of nearby art exhibits are available to visitors passing through the airport.

Not to mention, there are some other services that you are bound to find within the Las Vegas airport, which include ATM cash points, currency exchange, and an information desk. So, the terminal building at the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport houses all of these services.

Las Vegas Transportation

Here are a few options for getting around that one should use when going to the airport. These include taxis, buses, rental cars, and even some traditional foot travel. But in order to select the most practical mode of transportation, you must consider how much traveling will be necessary.


If you want to go to your hotel room, then a taxi is the fastest mode of transportation. It will take only 30-35 minutes to reach your hotel room. Because of this, you will be happy to see that there are many taxis at the airport. So, if you need to get somewhere quickly, consider using a taxi as your primary mode of transportation.

Public transportation

It is not a popular means of transportation; even the locals take the bus only out of necessity. There are two citizen- area transit bus routes. First, Route 109 is up to the Maryland Parkway. The second one, Route 108, connects Swenson to the Hilton at the Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport. To point out, these buses travel directly to the Las Vegas strip or downtown. However, car rental companies, shuttles, and limousines are also available as modes of transportation.

Bottom Line

We hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of the services available to you. Furthermore, you can learn more about this airline by reading Harry Reid International Airport Reviews. With the amenities they offer, every customer is extremely pleased, and it is also regarded as the best airport in the USA. Stay tuned with us for more details on other airline reviews and aviation news.

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