Breaking Barriers: Qatar Airways Launches First AI to Air Travel

Imagine moving onto a plane and being addressed not by a human flight attendant, but by a virtual one. However, Qatar Airways launches first AI, Sama 2.0 and it is not just a web-based character is the world’s initial AI-powered advanced human cabin crew. Therefore, it is labeled after the Arabic word for sky, Sama made her premiere at Qatar Airways stand in ITB Berlin. AI-driven digital crew has been evolved in collaboration with Uneeq. Sama is ready to shake up the way we undergo air travel. Qatar is the foremost airline company to come up with AI cabin crew.

Qatar Airways Launches First AI, Sama 2.0

So what can Sama do? Well-furnished with top-level conversational AI, she is like a strolling almanac for Qatar Airways. However, Sama interchanges with passengers in real-time, giving answers to all the questions ranging from FAQ to destination information. Therefore The first AI flight attendant is obtainable through an entrancing digital platform, epode, and their mobile app.

Babar Rahman, Qatar Airways’ vice president of marketing conveyed the airline’s commitment to the alteration, voicing that Sama 2.0 constitutes their dedication to unusual service and hospitality. He foregrounds the significance of combining technology with human connection, mounting a new standard in the aviation industry.

Sama 2.0 constitutes our persistent pursuit of innovation and personifies Qatar Airway’s values of out-of-the-way service and hospitality. However, this is an enormous point in spreading the victorious partnership between technology and human connection not only for Qatar Airways but also for the industry at large. Therefore, Qatar Airways states its adherence to guiding and cooperating with upheaval specialist to create revolutionary upshot and services for its customers.

At Web Apex Qatar they put in place their generative AI experience. However, this tool uses photographs and a 3D map to understand what you like, so you don’t have to fork out time searching for flight yourself. Therefore, it then suggests amazing travel ideas customized just for you, from the big lists of over 170 destinations. So if you are dying to meet Sama and experience Qatar Airways’ virtual magic for yourself, turn over to the pavilion at ITB Berlin before 7 March 2024.


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