Spirit Airlines CEO Shows Annoyance over Pratt & Whitney Engine Inspections

Spirit Airlines CEO Annoy on Engine Inspections: Spirit Airlines is concerned about the consequences of grounding aircraft as a result of Pratt and Whitney’s ongoing engine inspection. Besides that, the airline expects to remove the seven Airbus due to microscopic cracks. In fact, Spirit Airlines is the largest US operator of the very famous PW110G. Likewise, it utilizes 79 of its A320Neo aircraft and is well-known as GTF engines.

Reducing Capacity

According to Ted Christie, the CEO of Spirit Airlines, the grounding will apparently reduce the airline’s capacity by 5 percent next month. Therefore, the grounding of planes will affect total revenue by 1.5 percent. However, the UlCC’s all Airbus fleet comprises more than 200 aircraft,
Additionally, almost 80 of them are 320neos powered by GTF engines. Although not all engines created at the same time, the majority are not subject to inspection.

Pratt and Whitney stated that the engine created between late 2015 and last month, when it issued the retraction. Moreover, it had to returned and examined for alleged microscopic cracks by mid-2021. However, the manufacturer also disclosed that the metal used to make the Engine high pressure turbine discs contained a trace amount of pollution.

Additional Problems

Along with the current jets, the other seven aircraft will also get grounded. They are supposedly grounded due to a variety of GTF engine issues. According to CH Aviation, Spirit has seven A320 Neos grounded currently due to several problems regarding combustors as well as turbine blades. In 2024, the carrier predicts as many as 10 jets out of service for all these reasons.

Other Airlines dealing with these Issues

More than 1500 320neos are in use internationally, but according to Ch- aviation, only about 600 of those powered by Pratt and Whitney engines. The remaining aircraft fitted with CFM International leap engines, which have no known problems.


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