Thiruvananthapuram Airport Honored With Excellence Award For Stellar Performance

Thiruvananthapuram Airport: – As per the most recent updates, Thiruvananthapuram Airport Honored with Excellence Award by the Quality Circle Forum of India during the National Convention on Quality Concepts 2024 held in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Increase In Traffic In Indian Airport

Despite being a small hub, Trivandrum Airport operates without interruption and has cutting-edge infrastructure.

That is why the Quality Circle Forum of India gives Thiruvananthapuram Airport Honored with Excellence Award. Moreover, it fosters biodiversity and contributes to the recognition of the esteemed Quality Circle Forum of India.

Initiatives for Constant Improvement Receive Acclaim

It is wonderful to learn that the selection acknowledged the noteworthy inventiveness of the Thiruvananthapuram airport. Furthermore, the award mission represents the quality circle movement in India.

About Quality Circle Forum of India

The Quality Circle Forum of India founded in 1982. In addition, QC is a small group of employees in the same work area doing something similar. In fact, the main thing considered in QC is the type of work that, on purpose, meets on a regular basis for about an hour and once a week to identify. Analyze and resolve work related factual problems, in other words, leading to improvement in their total.

Praise For Sustainable Practices

Thiruvananthapuram Airport commitment to sustainability underscored by the award jury. A Quality circle is a small team of employees working together in the same area or doing similar tasks. In short, they meet on purpose for about an hour as well as every week to discuss and solve work related problems, which will improve overall performance.

Why Choose Thiruvananthapuram Airport To Travel?

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport’s receipt of the Excellence Award strengthens its position as a benchmark for aviation quality practices. After all, Thiruvananthapuram Airport Honored with Excellence Award highlights the airport’s ongoing commitment to improving efficiency and being ecological.

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