Passenger Outrage: Vistara Airlines Asks for Cremation Receipt

Vistara Airlines, a premium airline to fly with, has upset one of its loyal customers by asking for a “cremation center receipt” when the passenger requests a rescheduling of the flight due to a family emergency.
Following the incident, the traveler posted everything on Twitter, garnering support from many other netizens. Besides that, the tweet triggered an outbreak of negative comments on the social media platform and criticized the reputed airline for its rude behavior.

Many users expressed sympathy for the individual, and many stated that there is room for improvement in the Indian aviation industry, particularly in training programs. The tagline “fly the new feeling” was criticized, as if it is the new feeling passengers are going to experience, then it is better to travel in a low-fare carrier with fewer amenities but full respect.

However, the airline responded quickly, expressing regret to the user and promising to thoroughly investigate the matter. But the explanation given by the officials is not that satisfying; as they assured the traveler that they would look into the matter and asked for some of the documents for verification and other investigation purposes. Officials apologized for hurting the passenger’s feelings but claimed that it was unintentional and that they will try to make amends.

Moreover, this is not the first time that an Indian airline has made such a huge blunder. In January, Go First Airline left 55 passengers at the Bengaluru airport. The flight was leaving Kempegowda International Airport for Delhi, and passengers were left in the shuttle bus.

Thereafter, the DGCA imposed a fine of Rs. 10 lahks on the airlines as compensation. Subscribe to AirlineReviews for more information on this type of aviation news.