Travel Smart: Know What You Can’t Bring in Your Carry-On Bag

Want to know what you can pack in your handbags? However, to help you prepare, we have brought you the list of items not allowed in carry-on. Nevertheless, a lot of things are either restricted or illegal to carry. Therefore, make sure to check if there are limitations to your items.

Items not Allowed in Carry On Luggage

1. Liquids

However, you may bring 100 mL or less of shampoo and other liquids in a small container. So, pack all liquids in a single transparent, closed plastic bag with a total volume of 1 liter. Nonetheless, if you wish to bring more than that, you may do so in your checked baggage.

Allowed Items

● Although you are always welcome to bring baby food to eat during the flight,
● Along with a prescription or doctor’s note, bring any medications you plan to take during the flight.
● You must eat specific diet foods during the flight.
● Sealed goods are exempt from taxes.

2. Electronics and Lithium Batteries

Batteries larger than 160 Wh are one of the prohibited items in carry on luggage. You can carry 15 electronic devices with lithium batteries up to 100 Wh. Additionally, you can bring 20 extra lithium batteries or power banks up to 100 Wh. To bring a lithium battery up to 160 Wh in your hand luggage, either for a device or as a spare, you must get permission. Likewise, always remember that batteries should not damaged, defective, or recalled. Thus, make sure to check each battery separately in its original packaging.

If you do not have it anymore, wrap each battery in its own plastic bag and tape over any exposed contact points. Not to mention, always keep in mind that you cannot recharge spare batteries while traveling. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are a variety of devices you can bring but not use on the aircraft. For instance, cellular network-connected devices, television transmitters, VHF scanners, and receivers. In short, these devices might create interference in the aircraft.

3. Electronic Cigarettes

On some routes, passengers permitted to carry electronic cigarettes and extra batteries.. Unfortunately, you cannot transport e-cigarettes in your hand luggage. In contrast, rules may differ per country. Hence, we advise you to check carry on item restrictions in the countries you are visiting. After all, using electronic cigarettes or recharging it or its batteries are never allowed on board.

4. Smart baggage

You can bring smart luggage to the airport with a lithium battery other than a button cell if you remove the battery. But if you can’t remove it, then you may not allow to bring the bag with you. Neither on board nor in the grip.

5. Powders to or from the Us

Are you traveling to or from the United States? You can bring up to 350ml of powder or powder-like substance in your hand luggage. However, if you want to bring more than that, you can pack the rest in your checked baggage. Moreover, you cannot bring it at all if the powder unsealed and shows any signs of tampering. So, it gets counted among the list of items not allowed in carry ons.

6. Agricultural products

TSA restricts meat, fruit, and vegetables in your hand luggage. Also, they must meet certain criteria, such as being in solid forms (not in liquid or gel form), and this rule applies when traveling within the continental USA. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture bans bringing fresh produce from places like Hawaii to the US mainland due to pest and disease risks.

7. Sharp objects

Airplanes do not allow sharp objects because passengers can use them as weapons, posing a risk. Therefore, knives, saws, and scissors with blades longer than 4 inches fall under items not allowed in carry ons. In addition, passengers are only allowed to carry disposable razors in their carry-on baggage. Similarly, you can only bring electric razors and no cutting instruments. However, you can bring plastic cutlery and safety razors in your carry-on.


In conclusion, knowing what items are not permitted in carry-ons is critical for a trouble-free air travel experience. There are rules in place to ensure the safety and security of all passengers. So, be aware of these restrictions, pack wisely, and strictly adhere to the guidelines to ensure a safe and smooth journey. After all, we have already brought you the list of items not allowed in carry on, but different local rules may apply. As a result, always double-check local airport and airline instructions.

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