World’s Top 10 Airlines in 2022

Skytrax, an international air transport rating agency, was established in 1989. Its headquarters are in London, UK.

The awards are provided annually, on the basis of the unique knowledge base and expertise of quality issues. The organization delivers innovative thinking to the nominees and helps them to make changes to improve their services for a better customer experience.

The awards are decided on the recommendations of the professionals and a unified classification system worldwide eases the process. In 2022 also Skytrax presented awards and was declared the world’s top 10 Airlines. Let’s have a look over these to help passengers decide better depending on their budgets.

World’s Top 10 Airlines in 2022

Qatar Airways

Qatar is the first in top 10 airlines in the world declared at the world airline awards. It is the flag carrier of the Qatar. The features which made it the best amongst others is the trendsetting on-board product, focusing on comfort of the passengers. The fine cuisine impresses the passengers and also the latest in-flight audio and video entertainment make it distinct from others. Along with this, it serves more than 150 destinations all over the world which at the end fulfills all the criteria of award-winning services. The airline flies to Australia, Asia, South America, North America etc.

Singapore Airlines

The success of Singapore airlines is due to the top class customer service. The food menu in all the classes offer gourmet meals. All in-flight menus are created by internationally renowned chefs. Customers can enjoy an in-flight entertainment system which offers a variety of movies. Singapore Airlines operates 180 aircrafts and in more than 110 destinations worldwide.


Emirates stands 3rd in top airlines of 2022. It connects the world to and through a global hub in Dubai. The comfort of the aircrafts and the efficient service make it win this position. Moreover, the emirates have a culturally diverse workforce. It has 262 aircraft in its fleet, serving 152 destinations. In 2020 after covid-19 pandemic, it was the largest international airline, carrying 15.8 million passengers.

ANA All Nippon Airways

ANA was founded in 1952 and now became one of the top airlines in Japan. The airline operates 82 international routes and around 118 domestic routes. Basically it enables passengers to travel to Tokyo and connect through the two airports in the metropolitan Tokyo, Narita and Haneda, to various other destinations throughout Japan. Besides that, ANA has been a member of the Star Alliance since 1999.

Qantas Airways

Originally it was registered as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial services limited. Qantas is one of the long distance airlines and one of the top airlines in Australia. Qantas is well reputed in terms of operational reliability, safety, engineering and customer service, which confirmed its stand in top 10 airlines worldwide.

Japan Airlines

With its high level safety and all kinds of services, Japan Airlines stood top in japan. It has a rich history and reputation in defining Japanese hospitality. The four major hubs are in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Okinawa. The airline serves 95 destinations and has more than 230 aircrafts. Also it became a member of One world Alliance in 2007.

Turkish Airlines

The airline was founded in 1933 with a fleet of 5 aircrafts. It slides to more than 300 destinations in the world. Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Turkey and has a statement “We fly more than any other airline in the world”.

Air France

The real pleasure of the flight can be experienced with Air France, which operates around 1500 daily flights in France, Europe and all over the world. The vast network covering of the airlines makes it one of the top 10 airlines of the world. It covers 312 destinations across 116 countries.

Korean Airlines

Korean Air, one of the founding members of SkyTeam, and one of the leading international airlines headquartered in Seoul. They are dedicated in providing the excellent in-flight services and it operates in 44 countries with a fleet of 169 aircraft. Their main business is in cargo, passengers, aerospace and catering.

Swiss International Airlines

Switzerland’s largest air carrier is SWISS. However Europe has other top airlines too but it is the most advanced and has carbon-efficient aircraft fleets. It allows Europeans to connect with the rest of the world. The extensive range of airfreight services, time-critical and care-intensive consignments make it worthy for this award. SWISS is a member of Star Alliance, the largest airline network in the whole world.


These were the top 10 airlines of 2022, presented by Skytrax and for 2023 Paris Air Show has been decided as the venue and date will be June 20th 2023.

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